Information Technology is an essential part of success across all organizations in today’s digital world. We have extensive experience across many diverse organizations.

Here are thumbnails from a number of our projects:

  • Developed an information technology strategy for a national specialty retailer that centered on their need for a strategy for the Internet and electronic commerce.
  • Completed an IT Assessment for a nonprofit publisher identifying a set of recommendations for IT governance, organization and process improvement required to meet the changing needs of their business.
  • Developed an IT Strategy for an IT shared service organization supporting several nonprofit performing arts organizations and their venues. Project included identifying strategic IT needs of several organizations and integrating into a consolidated plan.
  • Developed a disaster recovery plan for a consortium of performing arts organizations.
  • Developed an IT strategy for an international manufacturer of printers and fax machines working with the CIO and senior managers in both IS and the business.
  • Completed an IT Assessment for a museum that focused on resolving current operational issues, improving operational support and integrating a new office facility with their current facility. Worked with them to hire an IT Director and positioned them to move into a new building and support significant organizational growth.
  • Worked as a member of a cross-functional consulting team (marketing, supply chain, IT) to develop a service strategy for a private label consumer goods manufacturer.
  • Developed a disaster recovery plan for the North America division of a manufacturing company. The plan included North America headquarters and several manufacturing locations across North America.
  • Worked with a major financial services company to design an Executive Education program for the Office of the Chairman and the next two levels of senior management.
  • Developed an IT strategy for a division of a major pharmaceutical firm identifying key business/technology opportunities and the necessary infrastructure initiatives required to support them.
  • Worked with the IS staff of a worldwide church organization to develop a strategy for bringing their operations organization to the level of capability required to support the growing needs of the church.
  • Developed the architecture for a new marketing business unit of a major utility. Architecture design took into account the need for continued use of the installed base of applications while enabling the pursuit of new market centered initiatives.
  • Developed an IT integration strategy for a property and casualty insurance business formed by the merger of two companies.
  • Evaluated work processes for a decentralized distribution company and identified specific short-term cost reduction and service improvement opportunities as well as longer-term strategies for achieving a better cost/service profile in their field operations.
  • Led the applications development organization and participated as a member of the IS Management Team of a major technology company during a transition to a broad outsourcing arrangement.
  • Worked with the IS staff of a distribution company to develop a strategy for replacing their legacy applications and transitioning to a new platform and skill set.